FutureFundr - Live preview

Comodify and gamify your life

The progress and enlightenment of humanity is due to observation and measurement of the natural world. What we do is observe and measure your a life in order to determing what will make a person more likely to achieve their goals.

Create the world you want to live in

Here we give you two ways to acheive your goals. The first is by investing in people who embody your cause. They have devoted their lives to a particular cause you support and they will be better able to carry out thier mission with your financial support. The other is to embody a cause and allow others to invest in you.

But first One last thing

FutureFundr is unlike other crowd sourcing platforms becuase of our quanitification of determining factors of success in an individual. By measuring and quantifying these factors we also emply game theory in creating the conditions necessary for a person to compete against them. tellus ac cursus commodo.