Insert – Share All of your Social Media Contacts at Once

Insert will streamline your contact exchanges by streamlining the process with a very smooth and intuitive user interface and a number of mechanisms designed to minimize social awkwardness and facilitate the creation of lasting relationships. When you hand a new contact your phone they will be prompted to enter their first and last name followed by their phone number. Here, your contact will have the option to enter their number or to enter a fake number provided by the app. This is done in order to prevent the awkwardness of rejection and the lessen the severity of the blow for the recipient.

If the recipient is given a fake number they will not know it until several hours later when a notification will alert them that the number was not authentic. However, if the number was authentic the recipient will be given the option to send an message to the contact containing links to the recipient’s social media contact information. Insert makes the sharing of social media contact information extremely easy and comfortable. After you experience insert you won’t want to add contacts any other way.