Maggie Fuller

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KRMA Radio is a live streaming radio station featuring some of the biggest names in Akron talk radio and rock. As Head of Engineering / Co-Founder, I’ve built a robust Icecast streaming server to handle the expected listener demand for KRMA.

I use Google Analytics for detailed analysis of website traffic and user behavior. I parse streaming server logs and import them into Piwik, which is an excellent open source technology for analyzing this data. Monit monitors server health and application performance. I built KRMA’s website on a separate NGINX server which, depending on traffic, may also serve as a load-balancer for the streaming servers.
The company has since been sold and I no longer manage this web property. In my opinion, the site (to put it lightly) no longer reflects my design or technical capability
Having had experience with start-ups, I took what business savvy I had gained and brought it to KRMA. Now, KRMA is being run according to Lean-Startup principles. I serve as a business consultant to the president of KRMA, who is an expert in the Radio industry, but new to internet radio and understands the value in tech start-up philosophy.